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Best possible Tenting Utensils {2023} Backpacking, Automobile & RV Journeys

There are such a lot of nice units, so, how are you aware that are the suitable utensils on your equipment field? I’ve examined other choices through the years and I do know the most efficient issues are an issue of private choice. Right here’s my opinion of the best possible tenting utensils relying on the way you camp, and, what quantity of money you wish to have to speculate.

Best Camping Utensils by CampingForFoodies features a collage of utensils used for eating and cooking including a stainless steel fork, knife and spoon held together with a carabiner clip, a green plastic food bowl filled with chicken, corn, red peppers and rice with a spork inserted in the meal, a collapsed orange and green bowl set with a light green utensil that has a spoon on one end and fork on the other, and, a camping pot filled with pasta in red sauce with a spoon in the meal and a yellow spork on the table in the background. Text in the image reads best camping utensils.
Best possible Tenting Utensils by means of CampingForFoodies

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Purchasing Issues For Tenting Cutlery Units

You wish to have the best possible tenting equipment and practical tenting utensils on your tenting journeys within the nice outdoor.

  • However, do you wish to have the best possible backpacking utensils which might be ultralight (as a result of oz. topic) with a great compact design?
  • Or, do you wish to have tenting equipment for a better collection of other people on RV or automobile tenting journeys (as a result of ease of use issues) so each and every individual has their very own utensils which might be very similar to utensils units discovered at house for on a regular basis use?

My Research Manner

That is the manner I took as I tested the differing types of cooking and consuming equipment to be had for out of doors use.

  • What kind and what number of person items come within the tenting silverware set?
  • Does the set come with consuming utensils for one or a couple of other people?
  • What’s the spoon intensity and is it enough for consuming soups and different extremely liquid meals?
  • Does the set come with a knife, if this is the case, does it in fact lower meat or does it preform extra like a butter knife?
  • Is the care for measurement lengthy sufficient to devour meals out of a bag, like strolling tacos or dehydrated foods, with out getting the meals to your hand?
  • How is it transported, does it have a wearing case, carabiner clip or one thing else?
  • Will it closing a very long time or will it ruin, rust or fade briefly?
  • Does it switch a plastic or metal style to the meals?
  • Is the set designed to be multifunctional and used for consuming, cooking and serving or is it designed for a unmarried objective?
  • Does it come with plates, cups and bowls in conjunction with flatware, like absolutely geared up mess kits?
  • Is it presented at a affordable value, primary funding or low-end economical value vary?

Best possible Utensils For Other Sorts Of Tenting

Splitter Titanium Tongs, Spork and Spatula

The Splitter Titanium Tongs, Spork and SpatulaThe Splitter Titanium Tongs, Spork and SpatulaThe Splitter Titanium Tongs, Spork and Spatula


Weight: 1.8 oz..

Subject material: Aerospace-Grade Titanium

Good selection for: Weight awake campers who need cooking, serving and consuming capability of their camp utensils.

What I really like about it:

  • The spatula makes this set distinctive as a result of it may be hooked to the spork to create tongs for cooking and serving.
  • The spork is set 10 inches lengthy so the care for is lengthy sufficient to succeed in into meals pouches however brief sufficient to be handy and simple to pack.
  • The spoon is deep sufficient to carry a tight quantity of liquid so consuming soup is in fact a favorable revel in.
  • The spork tines do an ideal activity when used as a fork to spear cast meals.
  • They’re simple to wash.
  • Great light-weight equipment.
kim cooking outdoors
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What I don’t like about it:

  • This set is at the dearer finish.
  • For cooking, it really works properly for smaller meals and meats however better meals are tricky to regulate.
  • When the 2 items are hooked in combination for use as tongs, you will have to take care of consistent power to steer clear of the items disconnecting.
  • The set holds up properly to commonplace put on and tear however would possibly bend underneath an excessive amount of power.
  • There is not any wearing case.

Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set

MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen SetMSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen SetMSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set


Weight: 23 oz..

Subject material: Silicone

Good selection for: Individuals who do light-weight automobile tenting or heavier, weight-tolerant backcountry tenting.

What I really like about it:

  • This is without doubt one of the best possible tenting cookware utensil units for a smaller, well-equipped camp kitchen. Incorporated pieces: Alpine folding utensil set, salt & pepper or spice shaker, dish brush/scraper, chef knife, kitchen camp towel, chopping board, 2 squeeze bottles, bottle opener/corkscrew and semi-rigid lift case.
  • The wearing case assists in keeping issues arranged and blank.
  • The spoon, spatula and strainer/grater fold for simple garage however prolong to a excellent measurement when in use.
  • The case has a cloth care for that can be utilized to hold the set on the campsite.
  • The compact kitchen knife is sharp, cuts properly and has a blade guard for protection.
  • Simple to wash.
  • Product of BPA-free fabrics.
  • This can be a honest value for the collection of utensils and the case.

What I don’t like about it:

  • The set weighs nearly 1.5 kilos and measures 7 x 3 x 9.5 inches when packed which is simply too heavy and ponderous for weight- and space-sensitive campers.
  • The chopping board folds in part which is excellent for saving on area but it surely’s clumsy for reducing.
  • It’s not a good suggestion to make use of this utensil equipment when cooking with in point of fact top temperatures, the silicone has a tendency to get comfortable and can sooner or later soften if left in sizzling pans for an excessive amount of time.
  • Consuming wishes can’t be met, this set contains cooking utensils handiest.

Sea to Summit Dinnerware Mess Package

Sea to Summit Delta Camp 6-Piece Dinnerware Mess KitSea to Summit Delta Camp 6-Piece Dinnerware Mess PackageSea to Summit Delta Camp 6-Piece Dinnerware Mess Kit


Weight: 10.6 oz..

Subject material: Polypropylene

Good selection for: Backpackers and automobile campers who desire a complete vary of makes use of in a rather light-weight cutlery set and desire a prime quality set for consuming various kinds of meals all through a tenting revel in.

What I really like about it:

  • This 6 piece set contains: a plate, bowl, mug, fork, knife and spoon so it’s your only option for containing your meals and serving to you get it into your mouth. It’s rather light-weight for the collection of items and capability of the set.
  • I really like having a separate fork, knife and spoon.
  • The capability of the plate, bowl and spoon are excellent. The steep-sided edges of the plate and bowl are nice for fighting spills and the spoon is deep sufficient to very easily devour soup.
  • The plate and bowl are simple to carry on account of the thumb grip at the facet. The outlet within the grip permits it to even be used as an attachment loop for simple wearing.
  • This set could be very strong in comparison to an identical plastic utensils.
  • The “Protex” base disperses the skin temperature to forestall the bottoms from getting in point of fact sizzling when stuffed with sizzling food and drink.
  • The interior of the mug has graduations for measuring (those are more uncomplicated to look within the shiny colours moderately than the darkish gray colour).
  • The mesh pouch can be utilized for wearing or air drying after washing.
  • Dishwasher protected (now not a large deal on camp journeys however an ideal possibility for day-to-day use at paintings).
  • BPA-free.

What I don’t like about it:

  • The cost level is a bit of top in comparison to an identical units available on the market however the awesome high quality makes up for it and can stand the check of time and commonplace use.
  • Plastic variations of forks are in most cases now not nice for spearing meals, sadly, this set isn’t any a exception.
  • The serrated knife edge lacks the facility to chop into meals that want an actual knife. It’s advantageous for spreading peanut butter or chopping extraordinarily soft meat, as opposed to that, it’s not up to spectacular.
  • This set is a brilliant selection for individuals who like so as to add heat water to a bag of dehydrated meals or for campers who’re the use of separate cookware units. That is nice for consuming however now not a best select for cooking.
  • The entire items can clip in combination EXCEPT for the cup. It might be higher if the cup had a loop so it might be hooked up to the remainder of the set for wearing and garage.

Sea to Summit Alpha Mild Aluminum Tenting Cutlery Set

Sea to Summit Alpha Light Aluminum Camping Cutlery SetSea to Summit Alpha Mild Aluminum Tenting Cutlery SetSea to Summit Alpha Light Aluminum Camping Cutlery Set


There may be a 2-piece set with a fork-spoon combo and separate knife.

Weight: 1.26 oz.. for 3-piece set, .84 for 2-piece set

Subject material: Laborious-Anodized Airplane Aluminum/meets FDA meals protection requirements

Good selection for: Whilst you’re on the lookout for super-lightweight tenting utensils which might be sturdy, numerous other people assume titanium utensils are the most efficient subject material however this mild aluminum set is any other nice selection. Backpackers, automobile campers and RVers will love this set.

What I really like about it:

  • This set is made with sturdy aluminum (hard-anodized plane aluminum) which makes it very light-weight with a graceful, narrow design.
  • That is a kind of three-piece units that has a fork, spoon and a knife that incorporates holes for the mini carabiner to clip the set in combination.
  • The spoon isn’t great deep but it surely’s were given a rounded soup spoon form making it excellent for consuming soup.
  • It’s simple to stab meals since the tines at the fork are lengthy and durable.
  • Even supposing the knife looks as if a butterknife, the serrated edge is rather sharp. It could possibly lower via all however the hardest meats conveniently.
  • It may be utilized in sizzling pans to stir meals.

What I don’t like about it:

  • This value level is a bit of bit upper than similar types, however, if weight issues to you, the lighter weight offsets the associated fee.
  • As a result of aluminum is a thermal conductor, those utensils can briefly warmth up your hand.
  • Beneath commonplace put on, this set is strong however with an excessive amount of power, the fork tines tend to bend.
  • There is not any wearing case to stay the set blank.

Snow Top Titanium Fork & Spoon Set With Wearing Case

Snow Peak Titanium Fork & Spoon Set With Carrying CaseSnow Top Titanium Fork & Spoon Set With Wearing CaseSnow Peak Titanium Fork & Spoon Set With Carrying Case


Weight: 1.4 oz..

Subject material: Titanium

Good selection for: That is the very best utensil set for campers who need light-weight equipment with most durability and feels maximum like commonplace house chrome steel subject material utensils. Backpackers, automobile campers and RVers will love this set.

What I really like about it:

  • Titanium! That is the fabric that makes up the vast majority of inside parts of a jet engine as a result of it’s exceptionally light-weight and intensely warmth resistant. That interprets into the most efficient tenting utensil set total.
  • Even supposing the entire weight of this set is only one.4 oz., the items are thick, strong and inflexible giving them the hand and mouth really feel of conventional house consuming utensils with out the added weight.
  • They’re corrosion resistant so that you don’t have to fret about rust.
  • You’ll be able to use this set for cooking as it received’t soften.
  • The graceful, streamlined design makes them simple to wash.
  • The soup spoon is deep and nice for consuming soups and stews.
  • The fork is complete measurement with 4 lengthy tines which might be nice for stabbing meals.
  • The handles have holes for placing and it comes with a wearing case.

What I don’t like about it:

  • Even supposing this is without doubt one of the most costly units, it’s challenging to name {that a} detrimental on account of its awesome high quality and function.
  • You’ll want to lift separate knife units as a result of there isn’t one with this set.

MSR 4-Piece Folding Tenting Spoon and Fork Set

MSR 4-Piece Folding Camping Spoon and Fork SetMSR 4-Piece Folding Tenting Spoon and Fork SetMSR 4-Piece Folding Camping Spoon and Fork Set


Weight: .8 oz..

Subject material: Plastic

Good selection for: This set is a superb possibility for budget-conscious campers who’re on the lookout for the most efficient worth for light-weight equipment at an affordable value.

What I really like about it:

  • As some of the lowest value issues at the spectrum, those are an ideal selection that’ll do the activity.
  • They fold in part so they may be able to be saved within a tenting pot all through transportation.
  • The pinch-to-fold locking mechanism assists in keeping the care for in position all through use.
  • When open they’re huge (8 inches) and small when folded closed (4.5 inches).
  • The scale of the spoon is excellent for consuming soup.
  • They’re light-weight.

What I don’t like about it:

  • This is without doubt one of the best possible choices to stick light-weight on the cheap, however, this is completed by means of the use of plastic which isn’t in particular strong or eco-friendly.
  • The open-loop care for in fact makes them really feel weaker and flimsier than disposable utensils, however, they’re strong sufficient to perform the duty.
  • On account of the plastic subject material, you’ll want to be further wary when packing and the use of them in order that they don’t ruin.
  • There is not any knife.
  • There is not any lift case.

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork (Spoon Fork Knife) ToolKa-Bar Tactical Spork (Spoon Fork Knife) SoftwareKa-Bar Tactical Spork (Spoon Fork Knife) Tool


Weight: 1.6 oz..

Subject material: Polymer Plastic

Good selection for: That is the most efficient guess for budget-conscious campers who need an entire set this is light-weight and inexpensive.

What I really like about it:

  • On the low finish of the cost vary, this spork set additionally features a knife.
  • The strong polymer plastic subject material is light-weight.
  • This can be a at hand software with the capability of a fork, spoon and knife in a single piece. The care for separates to take away knife.

What I don’t like about it:

  • The spork does now not serve as rather well as a fork or spoon. The tines are at the brief facet and now not very sharp so it’s not in point of fact efficient for stabbing meals. The intensity of the spork is at the shallow facet so consuming soup isn’t great comfy or environment friendly.
  • Even supposing the knife has a serrated edge, it’s rather boring.
  • The worst phase about “multifunctional units” is how tricky they may be able to be to wash. The ridges, gaps and holes within the design simply lure meals and calls for a herculean effort to actually blank it.

Why I Did Now not Evaluation Multi-Practical Devices

I individually in point of fact dislike “multi functional” units. I don’t need to feed myself with an outside software that still doubles as a screwdriver or application knife.

I choose single-purpose or multi-purpose units that make sense like a bottle opener that still purposes as a wine opener or can opener. As for me, my pocket knife shall be used to chop rope or dig out filth from underneath my fingernails!

Different Sorts Of Camp Kitchen Tools

Campfire Cooking Apparatus

In case you like cooking over a campfire, you’ll be able to to find the suitable tenting utensils for each and every cooking utility that has the energy and sturdiness to resist the tough atmosphere of cooking over sizzling open fires.

Awesome Campfire Cooking Equipment You Really Need CampingForFoodies

RV Kitchen Equipment

To find the suitable tenting cookware and organizational units for such pieces as spices, dishes and extra.

Kitchen Accessories For RV Camping Trailers And Motorhomes by CampingForFoodies features a remote camping spot near Monument Valley Utah in the Valley of the Gods with an RV set up in a beautiful scene with a massive red rock formation in the background with text over the image that reads RV kitchen accessories.

Want Meal Concepts?

Get some inspiration and take a look at some new recipes too!

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