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Plan your consult with to Edmonton’s Royal Alberta Museum

Each and every of the greater than two million gadgets within the RAM’s collections have each a historical past and a tale. When pieced in combination you’ll start to uncover what makes our high-quality province exceptional.

The Herbal Historical past Corridor packs
1000000000 years into one consult with. Spot large sloths, mastodons, sabre-toothed cats and entire sized-moose as you’re taking a adventure via alpine meadows and windswept grasslands. Really feel younger once more, finding exceptional dinosaurs to giants of the Ice Age. Revel in a historical past of Alberta throughout the eyes of the individuals who shaped and remodeled our province. Really feel a relax down your backbone as you meet the creepy and furry – from black widow spiders to the hard-hitting Mantis Shrimp within the Worm Gallery!

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