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Prep to your Whale-Staring at Excursion

New Zealand is a brilliant position to move whale looking at. And whales are such fascinating creatures. Do you know the blue whale’s center is the dimensions of a Volkswagen Beetle? The intellect boggles. That can assist you prep to your whale-watching excursion in New Zealand and be informed somewhat extra about those wonderful creatures, we now have created a listing of 10 mind-blowing details about whales.

We requested the staff at Wings Over Whales in Kaikoura what makes those mysterious creatures of the deep so particular. Having operated scenic whale looking at flights for over twenty years, they know some lovely cool details about whales…

There are two other teams of whale

Whales fall into one among two teams, filter out feeders, or toothed. Toothed whales have huge enamel for catching prey, whilst filter out feeders filter out theirs. Is sensible! The most important toothed whale is the sperm whale, which will also be discovered proper right here in Kaikoura. The sperm whale can develop as much as 20.4 metres lengthy and will weigh as much as 50 tonnes.

Whale wathing in South Island New Zealand
Staring at a whale dive from the sky

They consume 1,000,000 energy an afternoon

Whales don’t do anything else in small measures, and their nutrition is not any exception. Blue whales can consume as much as 40 million krill according to day, which will weigh as much as 3,600 kilograms.

Whales and dolphims in Kaikoura
You’ll see whales and dolphins at Kaikoura

Whales have a protracted circle of relatives historical past

Whales’ earliest ancestors lived 50 million years in the past, which means that – together with lizards like our Tuatara – they’re one among our few last connections to the age of the dinosaurs.

Kaikoura in South Island, New Zealand
Flying excessive over the Kaikoura peninsula

Whale tails are all distinctive

Each and every whale has a tail that’s uniquely identifiable, similar to human fingerprints! Their slits, grooves, and brown algae spots are received through the years and will’t be replicated.

Whale tails are unique
All whale tails are distinctive, like a human fingerprint

Boy they’re speedy

A blue whale’s tail can create as much as 500 horsepower when transferring at complete velocity – up there with our easiest power assets! If they’re startled they may be able to succeed in speeds of as much as 45 km/h, however typically, they feed at 8-16 km/h.

Whales in South Island, New Zealand
Whales can transfer speedy – as much as 45 km/h

Beluga whales can smile

Belugas are truly social mammals that are living, migrate and hunt in combination in pods. Their bulbous brow is versatile and able to converting form. This makes them the one member of the cetacean circle of relatives that may make facial expressions!

A beluga whale
While you’re smiling, the entire international smiles with you

They make numerous noise down there

Blue whales are some of the loudest animals on earth – the sounds they make will also be heard via whales as much as 1,600 kilometres away.

Wings over whales, Kaikoura, New Zealand
The Wings Over Whales airplane above Kaikoura

They’re similar to us…roughly

Whales are warm-blooded mammals, which means that they breathe air and convey offspring and milk similar to different mammals. The blue whale takes out the prize once more, this time for having the most important mammary glands on Earth – each and every is set 1.5m lengthy!

Kaikoura, South Island, New Zealand from the air
You’ll take a scenic flight over the mountains too

Whales love New Zealand

There are greater than 40 species of whales roaming our oceans lately. Nearly part of the arena’s whale and dolphin species will also be present in New Zealand, which makes it an excellent spot to stay your eyes peeled each time you’re at the coast.

A whale spotted from the air
Thar she blows! Flying over a whale in Kaikoura

Whales in Maori Legend

Whales are particular and will evoke a sense in us this is very similar to the only you get while you have a look at the celebs. It comes as no marvel then, to find that whales had been thought to be supernatural guardians to the Maori on their voyages around the pacific.  Some tribes see whales because the descendants of Tangaroa, the god of the sea. Whales possess a tapu (sacred) importance to Maori as each supernatural beings and as harbingers of private trade and non secular expansion.

The Wings over Whales plane heading over the ocean
The Wings over Whales airplane heading over the sea once more

The place to peer them

In the event you’re within the South Island and wish to see those wonderful animals, head to Kaikoura, the whale looking at mecca of New Zealand. Leap above the sea with ‘Wings Over Whales’ and get a real appreciation for the dimensions and wonderful thing about those magnificent creatures.  Their high-winged airplane will permit you the relaxation of a singular whale looking at revel in out of your very personal window seat with optimum and unobstructed viewing.

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