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Switching from Sony to Fuji • PhotoTraces

It’s been some time since I switched from Sony to Fuji. At this level, I’m able to come up with my causes for the transfer and the way I examine Fujifilm vs Sony crop sensor cameras.

Fujifilm vs Sony. Switching from Sony to Fujifilm. Not What I Expected At All

First, I will have to admit that Fujifilm used to be no longer what I anticipated. It in reality grew to become out to be fully the other of my expectancies. I were given all in favour of Fujifilm as a result of the desire for a greater person revel in, however I stayed with it as a result of its symbol high quality and stellar Fuji lenses.

Let me provide an explanation for.

Sony vs Fujifilm. Causes for Switching

As I regarded as the transfer this time, I had just one emblem in thoughts: Fujifilm. Listed here are the primary causes:

1. Consumer Revel in

Whilst you mature as a photographer, you increase a novel pictures regimen and behavior. precisely what you wish to have to look in a digicam this is carefully aligned together with your pictures workflow. With Sony, I felt that I may no longer customise my photograph apparatus how I sought after. I was hoping combining the streamlined Fuji menu device with the mechanical dials and customizable buttons would supply extra flexibility.

Once I determined to change to Fujifilm, I handiest regarded as the highest of the road XT2 type, however I had problem discovering dependable opinions. Why? The rationale used to be as a result of Fuji’s distinctive solution to firmware updates.

Since Fujifilm introduced its XT2 type in August 2016, it has launched 3 main firmware updates that reach the digicam’s capability via including masses–that’s proper, masses–of latest and up to date options.

Through the tip of 2017, lots of the preliminary XT2 opinions have been old-fashioned as it used to be an overly other digicam.

I in finding Fuji’s solution to be distinctive and refreshing, making them extra like a device startup than a shopper electronics corporate. It appears like a contemporary solution to pictures when an organization listens to customers and makes enhancements to current cameras thru device updates.

I sought after to be a part of that have.

Fujifilm vs Sony: example of the photo taken with Fujifilm XT2 camera
Shot with Fujifilm X-T2 and Fujinon 18-135mm

2. Interest

I do know numerous fellow photographers who shoot with Fujifilm and love the Fujifilm revel in. Occasionally, they reward Fuji such a lot that it appears like they’re a part of a cult-like Scientology or CrossFit. I used to be curious to discover the cult-like revel in from the interior.

I used to be additionally intrigued to discover the utterly other design of Fuji cameras with their quite a lot of mechanical dials and gazillions of customizable buttons.

Additionally, as a photographer and educator, I assumed it might be excellent to be told every other device so I will intelligently talk about it.

3. Want for the Final Commute Digital camera

For a very long time, I sought after without equal trip digicam setup. I craved for a mix of a compact climate sealed digicam and lens.

I used to be additionally on the lookout for a contemporary twin reminiscence card capability that might give me an absolutely redundant backup workflow from begin to end.

And in any case, I sought after my trip digicam to have a competent and simple GPS tagging capability.

I may no longer accomplish the whole lot with Sony.

4. Forget Through Sony

Fujifilm vs Sony. The Transfer

Once I switched from Canon to Sony, essentially the most vital exchange that impacted my pictures used to be the fantastic dynamic vary of the Sony sensors. It modified the way in which I shoot and edit footage.

It made me use HDR even much less. And, even if it used to be completely important to make use of HDR, I handiest wanted 3 brackets. The time of taking 5 to seven bracketed photographs used to be over.

Since then, I all the time take note of the dynamic vary of any digicam that I review and make it some of the necessary paraments of my pictures.

The issue with Fuji is that it makes use of an X-Trans sensor, and it sort of feels that nobody can as it should be measure its dynamic vary. This made it not possible for me to match the dynamic vary of the XT2 to my current Sony prior to I made the transfer.

It frightened me somewhat as a result of I didn’t need to sacrifice the dynamic vary in my new digicam.

So, as an alternative of switching immediately, I determined to first check the Fuji. When an area fellow photographer used to be promoting his nearly new Fuji X-T2 frame, I knew it used to be the easiest alternative for me to match it to Sony.

I purchased the digicam and complemented it with the Fujinon 18-135mm lens. Over the following six weeks, I used each the Sony and Fuji methods facet via facet.

Here’s what I came upon.

Fujifilm vs Sony: Switching from Sony to Fuji 1
Shot with Fujifilm X-T2 and Fujinon 18-135mm

The Positives of Switching from Sony to Fujifilm

Dynamic Vary

The dynamic vary of the Fuji XT2 sensor is fantastic. I can’t measure it exactly to provide the actual choice of stops it covers however, in keeping with my purely empirical revel in; it’s higher than the Sony a6000, a6300, and a6500. In six weeks, I’ve no longer used HDR, even if taking pictures at once into the solar. The volume of element I will get well in highlights and shadows is staggering.

That is one thing I didn’t be expecting.

Fujifilm vs Sony: Switching from Sony to Fuji 2
Shot with Fujifilm X-T2 and Fujinon 18-135mm

Symbol High quality

Recently, I’ve two lenses: Fujinon 10-24 and Fujinon 18-135. The mix of the Fuji XT2 and the 10-24 or 18-135 produces a lot cleaner and sharper photographs than the Sony a6000 or a65000 with a Sony 16-70 or Sony 10-18. The Fujifilm photographs are completely usable at 100% magnification. Implausible.

Fujinon Lenses

However, I need to be aware of Fujinon 18-135 lens. It’s not the most well liked Fuji lens, however I picked it as a part of my final trip pictures setup. It’s climate sealed, and stabilized with an overly helpful focal duration. I knew upfront that I may move on a longer commute with handiest that lens.

After the use of Fujinon solely for two weeks, I spotted that just about all of the Fujinon 18-135 opinions I learn have been erroneous and deceptive. Maximum of them concluded that this can be a first rate lens however you’ll no longer be expecting a lot from an excellent zoom lens.

Fujinon XF18-135mmF3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR
Fujinon XF18-135mmF3.5-5.6

I don’t believe the ones conclusions. I in finding this lens to be remarkable. The picture high quality is superb and when taking pictures at f/8 – f/11 I rarely can inform the variation between Fujinon 18-135 and everyone’s favourite extremely broad Fujinon 10-24.

Fujifilm XF10-24mmF4 R OIS
Fujinon XF10-24mmF4 R OIS

The Fujinon 18-135mm has the most productive Optical Stabilization I’ve ever skilled. I controlled to shoot at focal duration 135mm the use of shutter pace 1/10s and bring a wonderfully sharp symbol. It’s outstanding.

Digital Viewfinder

The EVF is to die for. It’s HUGE and vibrant. It comprises a huge quantity of knowledge, and you’ll customise it whatsoever you wish to have. It has already modified the way in which I take footage.

I assigned the entrance serve as button to cause the Histogram show in EVF. With the newest firmware replace, it presentations a blended histogram plus 3 extra variations for every colour channel. Now when I’m able to shoot, I press the AE-L button to fasten the publicity; subsequent, I turn on the histogram inside the EVF, and in any case, I tweak the publicity via adjusting the publicity repayment the use of Entrance Command Dial. And I all the time have 4 histograms in EVF to judge my changes.

Like it.

ISO Efficiency

One of the most shortcomings of the Fuji XT2 is thought of as to be no longer a stellar top ISO efficiency. However, as soon as once more, I don’t fully believe the belief. I suppose when you examine XT2 ISO efficiency to a complete body sensor digicam just like the Sony 7r, it may well be the case, however I in finding the ISO efficiency is superb for the APS-C digicam. I used to be shocked that at ISO 12800, photographs are nonetheless usable with numerous main points.

The mix of superb ISO efficiency with stepped forward and prolonged Auto ISO capability lets in me to shoot in prerequisites I might by no means imagine taking pictures prior to.

Fujifilm vs Sony: Switching from Sony to Fuji 3
Shot with Fujifilm X-T2 and Fujinon 18-135mm

The Negatives of Switching from Sony to Fujifilm


The day I gained the digicam and the lens I went on a day-long commute to shoot wintry weather landscapes.  After taking pictures for two hours, I spotted I had cramps in my arms.

Sony a6000 is a small digicam, nevertheless it has a beefy, no longer very deep, however lovely broad grip, and I may conveniently raise the digicam the use of my whole palm. However the Fuji XT2 is a larger and heavier digicam with a tiny grip, and I all the time needed to squeeze it with my arms placing needless pressure on them.

After 5 mins of Googling, I spotted the small grip used to be a not unusual factor for plenty of Fuji cameras. And naturally, I discovered the answer rapid. I ordered the thumb grip, and it virtually mounted the issue.

Lensmate Thumb Grip for Fujifilm X-T2 (Also fits X-T1) - Black

Thumbs Grip for Fujifilm X-T2

I additionally purchased an reasonably priced L-Bracket with a steel grip.

XT2 Grip Vertical Shoot Hand Grip QR Quick Release L Plate Camera Bracket Holder Compatible with Fuji Fujifilm XT2 X T2 X-T2

Fujifilm XT2 Vertical Shoot Hand Grip

Now once I shoot hand-held, I take advantage of a thumb grip handiest, and when I’m on a tripod, I additionally connect the L-Bracket Grip.

However, I’m nonetheless no longer fully relaxed. I am hoping, through the years, I can get used to it.

I’m a large Again Button Focal point person, and the AE-L and AF-L buttons are tiny, and it’s exhausting to make use of them. I needed to assign Rear Command Dial to fasten the point of interest on a press down. It’s not fully relaxed.

Inconsistency with Customization

I just like the Fuji XT2 design and mechanical dials, however I anticipated to be able to assign all mechanical dial functionalities to customizable serve as buttons. That isn’t the case.

For instance, I will use Entrance Command Dial to regulate publicity repayment via atmosphere the mechanical dial to the S possibility, and I love it so much.

However, I will no longer assign Force variety to a customized serve as button or perhaps a Fast menu. The one manner for me to modify from unmarried mode taking pictures to bracketing, which I do so much, is to make use of a mechanical subdial below the ISO dial. I’ve to make use of my 2d hand to modify it.

The similar is going for the Metering variety; you need to use a mechanical dial and no serve as button or Fast Menu choices.

When taking pictures in Aperture Precedence mode, the one approach to exchange the aperture price is to make use of a lens aperture ring. It is rather relaxed when taking pictures hand-held, but if on a tripod, as soon as once more, it calls for a 2d hand. There is not any approach to exchange the aperture the use of the Rear Command dial.

I am hoping that during long term updates, Fujifilm provides us the power to assign any serve as to any serve as buttons or a minimum of to a Fast Menu. I would like so as to customise the XT2 so I will exchange any settings with one hand and with out shifting the attention clear of EVF

Customized Atmosphere

I in finding that some of the helpful customized configurations on any digicam emblem is the power to avoid wasting a bunch of customized settings and recall them with one click on. I used it on Sony and Canon.

I used to be fascinated about Fujifilm customized settings as a result of I knew you want to save as much as 7 customized configurations, plus you want to give every configuration a novel identify. And it’s simple to recall every stored configuration from Fast Menu.

But if I began to customise it I spotted the one following settings an to be had for reminiscence recall:

Dynamic Vary, Movie Simulation, Grain Impact, White Steadiness, Colour Sharpness, Spotlight Tone, and Noise Aid.

That’s is true, all of them associated with JPEG taking pictures. And because I handiest shoot RAW, all the Customized Atmosphere module is totally unnecessary to me.

I in finding it to be some of the unexpected shortcomings of Fujifilm Xt2 capability.

Fujifilm vs Sony: Conclusion

As I discussed prior to, the transfer from Sony to Fujifilm grew to become out to be no longer what I anticipated in any respect. I were given all in favour of Fujifilm as a result of the desire for a greater person revel in and extra complex customization, however I stayed with it as a result of its symbol high quality, dynamic vary, and stellar lenses.

I don’t bitch and haven’t any regrets. I’ve already bought all my Sony equipment and can indisputably stick to Fujifilm for a 12 months a minimum of, however I believe it’s going to be longer.

And I’m having a blast finding out the brand new digicam device. Plus, Fujifilm assists in keeping us at the ft with the consistent firmware upgrades.

Additionally, it proved once more there is not any such factor as a super digicam.

Fujifilm vs Sony: Switching from Sony to Fuji 4

Fujifilm vs Sony (2019 Replace)

It’s been virtually 18 months since I switched from Sony to the Fujifilm digicam device. I determined to come up with a handy guide a rough replace. 

To begin with, I’ve grown even fonder of Fujifilm equipment through the years. I love its aesthetics, the standard of substances, and the standard of pictures Fujifilm produces. Plus, I love Fujifilm’s photographer-centric solution to industry. 

At this level, I haven’t any plans to search for an alternate. I can stick to Fujifilm. 

I nonetheless shoot with the Fujifilm X-t2. In 2018, I used to be very excited when Fujifilm introduced the X-t3, and I used to be desperate to improve. But if I checked the specifications of the X-t3, I spotted there used to be not anything for me there. 

The Fujifilm X-T3 provides drastic enhancements in video specifications and autofocus, neither of which I handle a lot. The options I cared about essentially the most—symbol high quality dynamic vary and low mild efficiency – didn’t exchange within the X-T3 type.

I additionally was hoping the X-T3 would introduce a larger battery to do away with the wish to raise a pile of spare batteries at the side of me. This didn’t occur. 

Fujinon 35mm f/1.4

Fujifilm XF35mmF1.4 R
Fujinon 35mm f/1.4

Consistent with Fujifilm’s leader engineer, once they designed the Fujinon 35mm f/1.4 lens, they’d the method to make it optically very best or make it unique and distinctive. They selected the latter. It’s now one in every of my favourite lenses I’ve ever owned. Plus, it’s tiny and extremely mild. 

Fujifilm vs Sony: Switching from Sony to Fuji 6
The photograph shot with Fujinon 35mm f/1.4

My running horse is the Fujinon 10-24mm f/4 wide-angle lens. I take advantage of it for many of my panorama footage. Its handiest weak point is its loss of climate sealing. When I’m within the box within the rain, I’ve to change to the Fujinon 18-135mm. This lens is weather-sealed and offers me an overly helpful achieve of 135mm (200m full-frame similar). 

This is it for now. Let me know when you have any questions within the feedback under. I’m satisfied to reply to any of your inquiries. 

Sony vs Fujifilm (Very Ultimate Replace 2023)

It’s going to be my remaining replace to Sony vs Fujifilm article.

It’s been precisely 5 years since my unique transfer from Sony to Fujifilm. And now, the transfer is formally over.

Let me provide an explanation for.

Over the past 5 years, I took my Fujifilm XT2 on a few dozens of journeys in all places the sector. I captured with it many thrilling footage I’m in reality pleased with. It’s been a 100% certain revel in. 

I were given used to the digicam, its controls, and the menu device. I custom designed XT2 to my liking and in reality loved the revel in. And I like Fuji lenses.

However no longer the whole lot used to be very best in paradise.

I used to be no longer loopy about Fujifilm’s course with the XT line of cameras.

As I discussed above, I did non improve to Fuji XT3 as a result of I may no longer see in it the rest precious for my pictures. I didn’t need to pay for a brand new digicam to improve the video specifications as a result of I didn’t use XT2 for taking pictures movies. I’ve GoPro for video functions. I determined to attend till the XT4 unencumber.

But if Fuji launched XT4, I spotted that the brand new digicam had grow to be larger and heavier. They needed to building up the dimensions to deal with a larger battery and IBIS. Plus, I despised the flip-out display. The Fuji XT line become a hybrid digicam line. And I used to be no longer loopy about it.

I determined to skip XT4 as soon as once more and stick to my previous and depended on XT2 for 2 extra years.

The plan used to be to look forward to the following iteration of the XT digicam, and if Fuji would no longer exchange its course, to search for an alternate in different places.

However Fujifilm were given scared to lose me as a buyer and got here up with the easiest trip digicam the way in which I sought after.

The corporate discovered the XT line used to be at the start designed as a photography-centric digicam, no longer a hybrid. They returned to their roots and created a real successor to XT1 and XT2 fashions.

First, they diminished the digicam’s measurement, which used to be my favourite exchange. XT5 is similar to the dimensions of XT2, even rather smaller. However, since they nonetheless needed to have compatibility a larger battery and IBIS, they made it somewhat deeper.

Plus, through the years, I modified how I take a look at IBIS. As an alternative of capability with restricted use for panorama pictures, I deal with it as a possible benefit. I determined to experiment with my taking pictures regimen. I need to lower my tripod use and shoot extra hand-held, depending on IBIS for stabilization. I plan to cut back the burden I’ve to hold when touring. That’s the plan. Let’s see the way it is going.

The smaller shape issue, go back to the lean display, larger battery, new sensor and processor have been sufficient causes for the improve.

The one problem used to be to search out the XT5 within the retailer. Fuji introduced XT5 on November 15, however I handiest controlled to get it at the very remaining day of the 12 months, December 31. I may no longer get it from B&H, Adorama, and even Amazon. As an alternative, I discovered it in a small native retailer in Montreal. It used to be refreshing to shop for photograph equipment in individual once more and no longer on-line.

First of all, I used to be no longer certain what to anticipate from 40MP new sensor; I assumed it used to be overkill for an APS-C digicam. However it grew to become out to be a good exchange. Once I switched from Sony to Fuji XT2, I used to be shocked that RTF information have been usable even at 100% magnification. With the brand new 40MP sensor, RAW information are sharp and filled with main points even at 200% magnification. I love it so much. Now, I don’t need to return to 26MP previous sensor.

Plus, on the remaining second, I determined to get a package as an alternative of a digicam frame handiest. Now I’ve a brand spanking new lens, Fujinon 16-80mm f4, and I wish to check it to look if I need to stay it.

In a few months, I can post a extra detailed article about my revel in with Fuji XT5.

It additionally signifies that I’m sticking with Fujifilm for the foreseeable long term.

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