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The BEST Mouse & Rodent deterrents for Motorhomes, RVs and Campers (2023 up to date)

Do you know that mice, rats, squirrels, and different rodents could cause HUGE injury in your motorhome, RV or camper? If truth be told, only recently a chum of mine had her commute RUINED as a result of a mouse chewed her gas line.

That will help you keep away from the similar drawback, we’ve put in combination this information at the BEST mouse deterrent for campers to offer protection to your van from rodents, and different guidelines and residential treatments you may want to take a look at too.

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Mice on your motorhome- the issue

Till you’ve came upon a mouse on your motorhome or campervan, it’s tricky to give an explanation for the wear they are able to do.

We discovered mice in our motorhome a few years in the past, when we’d been wild tenting in Scotland. That they had eaten into ALL the dried meals (together with the pet food) and had destroyed my folding yoga mat to make a nest below the refrigerator.

To mention it used to be a multitude is a real understatement.

The wear {that a} mouse can do in your motorhome

Alternatively, it seems we were given away calmly.

Just lately, I met a chum of mine known as Leah up in Scotland and we had been making plans a course across the North Coast 500 with our motorhomes.

We were given slightly an hour north of Edinburgh, and she or he stated she may just odor diesel. After we stopped, diesel used to be POURING out… and we came upon {that a} mouse had chewed thru her hose.

Mouse injury to Motorhome- chewed gas line
Motorhome being towed 🙁

Unfortunately, this intended she needed to be towed again south and ignored out on all of the commute. 🙁

We need to let you keep away from this trauma.

We’ve rounded up the most productive deterrents to stay mice, rats, squirrels, snakes and different rodents from your motorhome, campervan, caravan or RV, plus some herbal or house treatments which you’ll select up from anyplace.

How do mice and different pests get into your van?

Because the temperatures drop, the animals get started on the lookout for someplace heat to make their nests… and your van is the PERFECT position (particularly if there’s meals saved within too.)

So be ESPECIALLY cautious for those who’re motorhoming in wintry weather or making plans a UK wintry weather street commute– you’re much more likely to draw undesirable visitors!

Mice have two most sensible skills- they’re small and so they’re nice at mountaineering. This implies they are able to and can to find access issues into your camper, even though you assume it’s too excessive off the bottom for them.

They may be able to input via ducts, exterior vents, holes in roofs, flooring or partitions, tubes, aerial holes and the most typical possibility is that they climb the tyre into the engine bay.

Mouse damage to RV motorhome- ways to stop mice repellent
Mouse injury in Leah’s motorhome engine bay

Different pests and bugs can get access by way of:

  • Truly tiny openings between panels or outdoor (reminiscent of the place pipes go thru)
  • Cracks within the flooring or air flow holes
  • Thru doorways, home windows or hatches left ajar

How are you aware for those who’ve were given mice or pests on your motorhome?

The Biscuit take a look at!

Should you’re shutting down your van for the wintry weather, and need to know if any unwelcome ‘visitors’ have moved in (I don’t imply the in-laws!), then put a work of biscuit at the flooring of your van whilst you depart it.

If it’s nonetheless there whilst you come again, you’ll be slightly positive you’re protected from pests and rodents on your van.

If it’s no longer… 😱

Shutting down your motorhome/ camper for wintry weather?

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What’s one of the simplest ways to stay mice out of an RV or camper?

One of the simplest ways to keep away from injury in your camper from mice or rodents is not to allow them to in within the first position.

You’ll do that via:

  • sealing all issues of access (despite the fact that you’ll nonetheless want some for air flow)
  • the usage of rodent scarers and deterrents
  • no longer storing meals on your van, particularly in decrease lockers
  • holding your camper blank within
  • No longer storing meals or leaving garbage luggage outdoor your van to take to the bin within the morning!

How do I stay mice or bugs out of my RV camper within the wintry weather or in garage?

Maximum undesirable pest ‘invasions’ occur over wintry weather or when your van isn’t getting used ceaselessly.

It doesn’t at all times need to be in garage. Leah’s van used to be broken after she wild camped subsequent to a loch in Scotland!

However the majority of rodents have the option into cars which aren’t getting used so much. To lend a hand forestall this, you’ll are compatible such things as external vent covers, seal up filling issues or even striking a canopy to your van can lend a hand.

How do you stay mice from mountaineering into your van?

It at all times surprises me simply how HIGH those critters can leap and climb. Tyres, status, awnings- you identify it, they’ll climb it.

If you wish to forestall mice from mountaineering up your tyres, you’ll wrap rings of sheet steel round your tyres, jack stands or the rest you don’t need mice to climb up! Make the rings a few foot tall and no mouse will have the ability to scale it.

What’s the perfect mouse deterrents for campers and motorhomes?

There are a number of issues you’ll do to discourage mice from opting for your van. The principle choices are:

  • Sprays with very important oils (like Peppermint)
  • Ultrasonic Pest Repellents (Battery, plug-in or 12v variations)
  • Humane traps

Sprays with Very important oils

Peppermint oil is the most typical type of rodent deterrent we’ve heard of, and is the most productive herbal treatment too.

Mice it seems that hate the odor of peppermint, in order that they received’t move close to the van.

Lavender has additionally been recognized to have a an identical impact, as does eucalyptus, chilli oil and mint.

The way to use Peppermint Oil to repel mice

An important issues is the energy of the mix- the more potent the odor, the extra deficient Mr Mouse doesn’t love it.

Alternatively, with very important oils, you want to imagine

  • Your well being prerequisites
  • Pets you will have

Some other people can react badly to very important oils, so use a bit of first of all and increase. Additionally, be sure you put them someplace a puppy can’t drink or chunk them. ]

To make use of Oil with cotton balls to repel mice on your van

Soak cotton balls in peppermint oil and put throughout your motorhome or RV. Should you put them in a jar, be certain the lid xis off.

After all, you’ll wish to refill and change the oil/ cotton wool reasonably often.

To make use of oil with spray- for exterior use

In a 400ml spray bottle, upload the peppermint oil drops and water. Make this as potent as you want. You’ll upload approx. 10-15 drops to 400ml for a powerful blend. Shake neatly to combine in combination.

Spray onto across the parameter of your van at the floor outdoor. This may create a smell barrier that the mice won’t need to pass. Do that as soon as per week or after heavy rain.

However for those who spray round your van beneath, this must lend a hand with no longer having it dilute/wash away with rain.

Use the Oils and Spray for Interior use

Create a weaker spray (use 3-5 drops of peppermint oil in step with 400ml). You don’t need it too robust, particularly for those who’re travelling with canines.

Spray this onto spaces the place there may be an inlet or hollow into the van.

CAUTION: Don’t spray onto the rest the place there may be going to be direct heat- this spray is oil based totally and flammable!

In case your van goes into garage for wintry weather, it’s essential most probably make a more potent mixture of the inner spray and depart it there while you’re no longer the usage of your van.

Does peppermint spray truly stay mice away?

It appears so! Many of us have used this spray with success- so it’s price attempting.

Very best mouse deterrent for campers- pre-made sprays

Should you don’t need to make your individual, you’ll purchase pre-made sprays

Ultrasonic 240v pest repellents

Those are extensively bought, however have very blended evaluations and so they’re no longer the most productive technique to stay mice clear of motorhomes or RVs.

For a get started, they require energy, which can be a relentless drain to your motorhome recreational battery.

Subsequent, they don’t paintings immediately, however paintings over the years, via emitting other frequencies of ultrasonic waves to worsen the apprehensive device of bugs and rats. This makes the pests really feel uncomfortable in order that they transfer away.

Intermittent adjustments in ultrasound frequency save you them from creating immunity and suppleness.

They’re intended to be imperceptible to people, however many of us have reported feeling complications or listening to high-frequency noise.

They may be able to be used outdoor or within (relying at the style), so may also be fitted into engine bays or below the van.

12v or Battery operated Rodent Scarers

It’s additionally conceivable to shop for 12v or battery-powered variations of those rodent scarers. Those may also be more uncomplicated to suit, however you want to bear in mind to modify the batteries or that there’ll nonetheless be a drain to your battery.

In my opinion, we used those in a storage a couple of years in the past and didn’t have nice fulfillment, however be happy to take a look at and spot in the event that they give you the results you want. That is the best rated one on Amazon.


Some other smell mice don’t like is mothballs, so making an allowance for striking a few of these round your van.

Different scents rodents don’t like come with; vinegar, clove oil and cayenne pepper.

Do dryer sheets stay mice out of camper?

It appears so! In the United Kingdom, we don’t use dryer sheets up to they do in The us, however many of us have instructed them as a really perfect technique to repel mice on your RV or motorhome. Once more, you’ll wish to change often to deal with effectiveness.

Humane Traps

If in case you have an current drawback with mice or rodents on your van, you may need to use a humane entice to catch them.

Finally- the BEST mouse deterrent for campers, motorhomes and RVs…?

Get a cat.

I’ve by no means ever heard of a motorhome or RV proprietor who travels with a cat who’ve a cat who has an issue with mice of their van. Co-incedence? I feel no longer…

Many due to Leah for her footage and guidelines when penning this publish. Practice her on Instagram

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