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TRON Lightcycle Run at Disney International: Opening Date, Preview Data, On-Experience Video & Pictures

TRON Lightcycle Run is a brand new curler coaster underneath building by means of Area Mountain in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland at Walt Disney International. This covers the entirety you wish to have to grasp: opening date, Forged Member and AP previews, and solutions to commonplace questions. (Up to date February 3, 2023.)

To convey you up to the mark, this curler coaster used to be introduced 5 years in the past, is a clone of Shanghai Disneyland’s TRON Lightcycle Energy Run, and shall be situated between Tomorrowland Speedway and Storybook Circus in Fantasyland. Like Area Mountain, it’ll be past the railway tracks that circle Magic Kingdom. Thankfully, the Walt Disney International Railroad has now reopened after being closed for a number of years. go back very quickly.

For those who’re handiest questioning when the brand new curler coaster will open, we have now a solution: TRON Lightcycle Run will open at April 4, 2023 in Magic Kingdom. If you need extra details about its Lightning Lane and digital queue standing, probability of soppy openings, and extra, proceed studying. For those who’re an Annual Passholder or Disney Holiday Membership Member who desires to be notified when signups for the ones previews move reside (or every other Walt Disney International information, bargain releases, and many others.), enroll right here for our FREE Disney e-newsletter right here.

In the case of elementary background, the appeal is formally referred to as TRON Lightcycle / Run (or Tron Lightcycle Energy Run) and is a semi-enclosed introduced metal motorcycle curler coaster appeal. The seats are very similar to the ones on Avatar Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom; riders sit down on person lightcycles, lean ahead, grip a suite of handlebars, and a pad in the back of the seat comes down and snuggly secures the rider in position.

Because the title suggests, the curler coaster is in line with the Tron movies. It begins with visitors getting into an enormous gravity/display development the place they step onto the Grid and board their very own motorcycle or lightcycle. Like Area Mountain or Rock ‘n’ Curler Coaster, a lot of the journey is in a darkened display development, however not like the ones, the climax of the appeal is a loop beneath a big color-changing cover, which may be the long-lasting characteristic of the appeal’s facade.

Above is my photograph of the way all of this seems at Shanghai Disneyland. We’ve carried out Shanghai Disneyland’s model of the journey a number of instances, so a large number of the data that follows may be in line with our firsthand stories driving TRON Lightcycle Run. The largest distinction is that it’s the focus of Tomorrowland in China, with all the land constructed round TRON Lightcycle Energy Run. There are a couple of approaches and viewing spaces for the curler coaster, which I feel is savvy.

Against this, Magic Kingdom’s TRON Lightcycle Run is nestled in the back of Area Mountain, can have a cramped method between that journey’s go out and Tomorrowland Speedway, and the one viewing space for the curler coaster underneath the cover seems to be alongside the winding front and go out paths. (There are a couple of recipes for congestion right here.)

Now let’s check out some idea artwork for TRON Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom to look how its aesthetics will range from the Shanghai Disneyland incarnation of the appeal…

Above is the most recent idea artwork for TRON Lightcycle Run, which has been tweaked from the unique plans. There are some things that leap out from this new artwork when it comes to adjustments from its predecessor.

First, the marquee is now a planter out entrance of the appeal, quite than placing from the highest of the cover. Subsequent, the doorway is now a winding and out there walkway, quite than stairs. In spite of everything, there’s what seems to be a (very small) tunnel for the teach.

Above is the concept that artwork from two years in the past, which additionally presentations how TRON Lightcycle Run suits with Area Mountain, the Tomorrowland Speedway, and Walt Disney International Railroad round it.

In that, you’ll see the steps, trail again to Storybook Circus, and unique marquee. You’ll’t actually see the place the teach would move, and apparently the doorway/go out from the display development all observe one trail down the steps.

On-Experience Video & Pictures

Now that Forged Member previews are actually underway as of February 3, Walt Disney International has shared on-ride video and extra footage of TRON Lightcycle Run. Underneath is an reputable ride-through video that Disney Parks shared on social media:

For many who are involved, that is NOT the entire journey. Even supposing this curler coaster is at the shorter facet, I’d estimate that it’s general period is set two times this lengthy (I don’t recall the appropriate duration, however the journey time is underneath 2 mins). Quite, it’s a take a look at the preliminary release proper after the burden space, the out of doors segment underneath the cover, after which the realization of the appeal.

The portion that’s left out is the center segment throughout the gravity development, which is in large part within the darkness of the Grid. Possibly, this used to be got rid of as a result of there’s no longer a lot to look and doesn’t translate smartly to video. (Consider Rock ‘n’ Curler Coaster, however with the Grid as a substitute of neon Los Angeles cartoonified landmarks.)

Along with this, Walt Disney International has launched new footage of the cover absolutely illuminated with its display gentle. This cover shall be referred to as the Add Conduit, and it used to be formally powered on for the primary time this week.

The Add Conduit will function the virtual bridge into The Grid to your Lightcycle when this appeal opens in Magic Kingdom on April 4, 2023. The large construction used to be built of just about 40 items, strategically assembled and aligned, to create the easiest gadget for shifting Lightcycles to The Video games.

Those sparkling hexagon visuals are enhanced by means of acquainted song from the “TRON: Legacy” soundtrack. Individually, status beneath the Add Conduit is the spotlight of TRON Lightcycle Run. Although you’re no longer into thrill rides, you must revel in status right here, merely savoring the kinetic power of the lights and Lightcycles whizzing by means of overhead.

I talk from revel in. All over our time at Shanghai Disneyland, we spent hours underneath this cover at night time, mesmerized by means of the colourful stripes of blue and orange. The only-two punch of driving the curler coaster for thrills and status underneath right here for serenity makes TRON Lightcycle Run somewhat the appeal!

There’s much more information popping out of the Forged Member previews of TRON Lightcycle Run, so keep tuned for any other replace this weekend!

Forged Member Previews for TRON Lightcycle Run

Walt Disney International despatched a ‘save the date’ to Forged Contributors referring to their previews of Magic Kingdom’s new appeal. This printed that Forged Member previews for TRON Lightcycle Run will start February 3, 2023 and finish March 3, 2023.

Observe that with previous Forged Member previews, no longer all dates had been to be had and previews handiest ran a portion of the day. For instance, Cosmic Rewind CM previews passed off April 17, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29 and 30; Might 1 and a pair of between 1 pm and three:30 pm.

Our expectation could be that it’s a an identical tale right here, with the chance that previews don’t seem to be held in any respect right through what we’ve already recognized because the Worst Week of Iciness at Walt Disney International. Rather than that, the primary part of February and early March are each quite sluggish at Walt Disney International.

Annual Passholder Previews for TRON Lightcycle Run

It’s a an identical tale for Annual Passholder previews, which might be rumored to start out straight away after Forged Member previews conclude–on or round March 4, 2023. It’s most likely that Disney Holiday Membership previews will start round the similar time, and happen for a couple of days.

For reference, final yr’s AP preview dates for Cosmic Rewind had been Might 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, and 21 with a couple of time slots from midday till 3:30 pm. Our expectation is that Walt Disney International will observe go well with and be offering roughly 9 days of AP previews for TRON Lightcycle Run.

We additionally be expecting that the previews will no longer coincide with Orange County’s Spring Spoil, that means an opening of a couple of week in the course of the previews. Observe that that is no longer a part of the rumor–merely our expectation in line with crowd projections.

If I needed to make a wager, my expectation could be that AP and DVC previews for TRON Lightcycle are held March 4-10 and March 20-24–give or take a couple of days, and with a portion of the ones dates doubtlessly got rid of for native media previews, promo filming, and many others. It additionally wouldn’t marvel me if the rumor is improper and AP previews don’t in fact get started till March 6, 2023 and happen handiest on weekdays.

TRON Lightcycle Energy Run Lightning Lane Standing

The query of whether or not TRON Lightcycle Run shall be a part of Genie+ or any other Person Lightning Lane at Magic Kingdom is actually a “query” in title handiest, since Walt Disney International hasn’t formally printed its line-skipping standing.

With that stated, there’s a better than 99.999% probability that TRON Lightcycle Run shall be an Person Lightning Lane appeal. It’s actually a query of the way a lot it’ll value and the way briefly it’ll promote out every day. Our expectation is that it finally ends up being priced on par with Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. Alternatively, debuting this right through spring smash season may imply top class pricing.

The opposite large query is whether or not Seven Dwarfs Mine Educate will transfer to Genie+ or if Magic Kingdom would be the handiest park with two Person Lightning Lane points of interest. Our expectation is that Magic Kingdom will transform the lone park at Walt Disney International to have two Person Lightning Lanes. Alternatively, we don’t seem to be even remotely assured on this prediction, placing it at about 60/40 in choose of taking place.

Even supposing they’re each curler coasters, they’ve very other demographics. Past that, Magic Kingdom may be the lone park to have a wholesome quantity of Genie+ capability, even after dropping Splash Mountain. It makes extra sense for Magic Kingdom to stay two ILL rides than it did EPCOT, each financially and when it comes to provide v. call for for the Genie+ provider.

Standby v. Digital Queue

Some other large query is whether or not TRON Lightcycle Run will use a digital queue. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind nonetheless makes use of a digital queue, so the solution to this most certainly turns out obtrusive. In all probability, TRON Lightcycle Run gets a digital queue–and Cosmic Rewind will lose its VQ within the procedure.

Alternatively, even that’s not totally settled. No longer each and every contemporary appeal has debuted with a digital queue (Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway by no means used one) and Disney has attempted to do away with them anywhere imaginable. TRON Lightcycle Run optimistically doesn’t be afflicted by downtime problems and it most certainly doesn’t lack queue area. There must be so much throughout the development, and there’s surely considerable overflow area out of doors. So TRON Lightcycle Run must use standby…proper?!?

Most definitely no longer. The problem with TRON Lightcycle Run is in fact the method–similar because the EPCOT E-Tickets. The trail between Area Mountain and Tomorrowland Speedway that leads again to TRON Lightcycle Run is actually slender. For no matter explanation why, Walt Disney International didn’t shorten the Speedway monitor, and the end result may be very little area main again to TRON Lightcycle Run. That is a recipe for doable issues, and may get downright unhealthy at rope drop as visitors stampede to be a few of the first to journey.

Even supposing Walt Disney International most likely desires to steer clear of bringing again the digital queue because of the drop in visitor pleasure it reasons, I don’t suppose they’ll have every other selection right here. As such, I’m anticipating a digital queue for TRON Lightcycle Run. (The truth that Disney did the very same factor for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind for the very same explanation why makes me much more assured on this wager.)

Whilst we’ve gotten excellent at gaming digital queues (and feature “pace technique” recommendation so you’ll reach an identical luck), my private hope is for a standby queue. It’s the extra guest-friendly method that ranges the taking part in box, is much less anxious, and leads to fewer proceedings.

Plus, if there’s a digital queue, TRON Lightcycle Run received’t open for Early Access–and we actually hope it’s, as that’ll relieve force from the SDMT Shuffle, making that more straightforward for households.

TRON Lightcycle Run Development Updates

The above video is a take a look at each building development and checking out, which is now lovely commonplace to look whilst visiting Magic Kingdom. In this specific day, I used to be in Magic Kingdom take a look at Genie+ v. standby. This concerned criss-crossing the park so much, and just about all the day–up till round 11 pm (that’s once I final checked)–there used to be curler coaster teach dispatching and a minimum of some gentle results checking out in tandem.

A part of me questioned whether or not that is exact and vital checking out…or if Walt Disney International realizes there’s no higher ‘unfastened’ promoting than working the curler coaster right through well-liked vacationer seasons. Many informal visitors had been taking footage and movies, and I overheard many speaking about TRON Lightcycle Run. Loads of pleasure about it.

Walt Disney International has been dispatching trains at or close to top potency, with underneath 30 seconds between them. The appeal additionally has been working with human riders, and corporate executives and others have already skilled it. Which means that the interior of the appeal is completed and has been grew to become over to operations, and the one building to be finished is out of doors at the method and quite a lot of walkways.

With that during thoughts, let’s check out building development. This may be just about carried out, and has been for the previous couple of months…

There’s been a large number of development on TRON Lightcycle Run’s building within the final a number of months. Like different tasks that kicked into excessive equipment with the beginning of the brand new fiscal yr, paintings on TRON Lightcycle Run has sped up since across the get started of Walt Disney International’s fiftieth Anniversary.

Let’s get started by means of drawing near from the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover with a recent take a look at the development web page.

Talking of clean, one of the crucial “largest” adjustments you may understand since our final building replace is the entire landscaping that has been put in between the expanses of concrete. A lot of the dust has been changed with timber, making the entire space glance so much nearer to its ultimate shape.

Some other factor that’s been put in is lighting fixtures. You’ll see the ones within the photograph above, obscuring some perspectives into the development web page. Those curved lamp posts give a futuristic sensibility to the realm and are reasonably very similar to those at Shanghai Disneyland, and in addition in new spaces EPCOT.

Proceeding to the center of the web page, right here’s a much broader view of the principle increased walkway and primary segment of the swooping cover. It’s more difficult to look now due to the landscaping, however there’s additionally the Storybook Circus trail beneath the flyover ramp that leads as much as the appeal front.

The principle paintings we noticed used to be at the lead-up to the flyover walkway. Loads of completing touches taking place right here; the ‘large factor’ that has but to be carried out is set up the appeal marquee in that center concrete space. That most certainly shall be one of the crucial very final issues to happen earlier than the journey opens.

Talking of the appeal front, you’ll see the collection of arches in entrance of the visitor front for TRON Lightcycle Run. Thematic prospers had been put in right here and the overall components of the cover have additionally been put in.

You’ll’t see them anymore because of the added timber, however there are a couple of entrances right here, and obviously two separate facets–one for standby/digital queue and any other for the Lightning Lane.

TRON Lightcycle Run is technically past the berm in Magic Kingdom, shoehorned into a good plot of land between the bounds of Tomorrowland, Storybook Circus, and International Power. As a result, the realm across the appeal can have a large number of strategically-located partitions and walkways to direct site visitors and hide perspectives into behind the scenes and places out of doors the park.

Above and underneath are very an identical wider perspectives that presentations just about all the TRON Lightcycle Run worksite that’s visual from the TTA PeopleMover.

The ETFE cushion cover is whole, with crews now doing the overall completing paintings at the floor and increased pathway. Because of the aforementioned placement of the appeal, there’s so much occurring to combine the appeal right into a small parcel of land–let’s smash it down.

The flyover walkway (some distance left) will weave visitors beneath the cover, over the Walt Disney International Railroad tunnel (middle-left), and into the visitor front (some distance proper and underneath) of the display development. You’ll in fact see a an identical trail in our footage of Shanghai Disneyland’s model of the curler coaster right through this put up (minus the teach stuff).

Talking of the teach tunnel, that is now absolutely enclosed, mirroring the concept that artwork–a need so the teach doesn’t discolor the crisp cover of TRON Lightcycle Run.

A air flow gadget, lights, and monitor for the teach has all been put in. There also are home windows reduce into the tunnel that’ll be offering a view from the teach of TRON Lightcycle Run.

A couple of months in the past, Walt Disney Imagineering launched new exposure pictures appearing that TRON Lightcycle Run has reached any other venture milestone at Magic Kingdom, with the beginning of display lights checking out on the appeal cover.

This curved-wave construction serves because the Add Conduit to the Grid, the place visitors (or “Customers” in TRON parlance) will race underneath on Lightcycles as they start their festival.

In preparation for the race, the Walt Disney Imagineering Display Lights workforce is tricky at paintings checking out the gadget and programming greater than 1,200 fixtures around the floor.

The cover and external plaza shall be delivered to existence within the coming months because the venture workforce continues importing and integrating further display components.

In different phrases, just about the entirety is finished at this level excluding the flyover ramps, ground-level walkways, quite a lot of planters, and somewhat of clean-up and landscaping paintings. Whilst it nonetheless very a lot looks as if an lively building web page, a large number of that may be completed somewhat briefly.

Clearly, it’s nonetheless an lively building web page with a large number of paintings going on, however the journey is now in the house stretch. Critically. After 4+ years, the curler coaster is just about in a position. Actually, TRON Lightcycle Run may open inside of a couple of weeks given the paintings that continues to be.

The curler coaster itself is able to roll–somewhat actually. Underneath the ETFE cushion roofing, you’ll often see curler coaster trains launching. We’ve observed those for a couple of months now, and they’re now shifting at full-speed and at common durations.

At this level, Walt Disney International is conserving again on opening TRON Lightcycle Run till it’s maximum fantastic from a advertising and marketing point of view to pressure new holiday bookings. Accordingly, the corporate has made up our minds that the “very best” date to debut the journey is April 4, 2023. We suspect enthusiasts can have sky-high expectancies after ready ~5 years for this journey to return to fruition.

Whilst I actually revel in TRON Lightcycle Run, it “handiest” scored a 9/10 in our Shanghai Disneyland Experience Opinions. The massive factor that avoided it from receiving a great 10/10 is period. The coaster itself, from release to go back, lasts nearly 60 seconds precisely. (Different web sources recommend it’s 2 mins lengthy–that’s handiest correct from load to sell off, however a complete minute of that isn’t a part of the journey revel in in any respect.)

Some other worry is the seating, which I’ve up to now stated (wrongly, I assume) could be what precluded this curler coaster from ever being cloned at Walt Disney International. As famous above, TRON Lightcycle Run has motorcycle seating, with visitors straddling the lightcycle, leaning ahead and hanging their chest and abdomen flush with the entrance pad whilst handlebars come ahead and a again restraint lowers.

It’s a comfortable are compatible, like a tighter and extra protected model of Flight of Passage in Pandora – International of Avatar. Shanghai Disneyland’s model has out there vehicles in the back of the trains. Extra out there seating shall be vital within the Magic Kingdom model, as the traditional motorcycle seats aren’t going to paintings for a large number of Walt Disney International visitors.

In the long run, TRON Lightcycle Run is so much like Rock ‘N’ Curler Coaster. Each are rapid release curler coasters that in large part happen in darkish display constructions with a scattering of props and lean closely on thrills. TRON Lightcycle Run shall be about 20 seconds shorter, nevertheless it’ll have an outside segment, and awesome visuals within.

With all of that stated, what can’t be overstated about TRON Lightcycle Run is the chilliness issue due to the original seating, flashy visuals, and that out of doors loop. This can be a particular benefit it has over different curler coasters at Walt Disney International. Whilst I want it had been about any other 20-30 seconds longer, I feel maximum enthusiasts will finally end up loving TRON Lightcycle Run.

Making plans a Walt Disney International go back and forth? Know about accommodations on our Walt Disney International Inns Opinions web page. For the place to devour, learn our Walt Disney International Eating place Opinions. To economize on tickets or decide which sort to shop for, learn our Pointers for Saving Cash on Walt Disney International Tickets put up. Our What to Pack for Disney Journeys put up takes a singular take a look at suave pieces to take. For what to do and when to do it, our Walt Disney International Experience Guides will lend a hand. For complete recommendation, the most productive position to begin is our Walt Disney International Go back and forth Making plans Information for the entirety you wish to have to grasp!


What do you recall to mind TRON Lightcycle Run? Are you excited for this new Magic Kingdom curler coaster, or does it no longer pastime you? Ideas on how the classy will are compatible into Tomorrowland at Walt Disney International? Any questions? Listening to your comments about your stories is each fascinating to us and useful to different readers, so please proportion your ideas or questions underneath within the feedback!

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