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Very best Complete Face Snorkel Mask: Whole Purchasing Information 2023


Keen on testing what lives in our oceans? Snorkeling is an effective way to conveniently discover what lies under the skin. With the proper tools, it’s simple to stay your face within the water and spot stuff you’ve by no means observed prior to, all whilst protecting consistent airflow.

Historically, snorkeling tools is composed of a masks, snorkel, and fins. On the other hand, lately, complete face snorkel mask have emerged, which marry two items of drugs into one.

In case you’re feeling adventurous or searching for a transformation, stay studying to be informed all there’s to learn about complete face snorkel mask and get a purchasing information on the most efficient complete face snorkel mask.

Our Choices for Very best Complete Face Snorkel Mask

Complete Face Snorkel Mask Comparability Desk

Very best Complete Face Snorkel Mask: Opinions

When opting for a complete face masks, it is important to to shop for from a credible logo, as a result of many inexpensive mask haven’t gone through right kind checking out, posing severe dangers when the use of them within the water.Right here’s our information to one of the highest complete face snorkel mask.

Ocean Reef Aria

What We Love:

  • Anti-fog lens
  • Biggest visual field
  • Light-weight with detachable snorkel

Ocean Reef is a credible logo that makes prime quality and constant merchandise. Their complete face snorkeling masks is not any exception.

The lens is designed to be anti-fog and the respiring revel in is seamless and herbal within the backside chamber. Ocean Reef claims that the Aria masks has the biggest visual field in comparison to competition, so revel in an uninterrupted viewing revel in.

It’s created from sturdy however light-weight fabrics and includes a removable snorkel, making it sensible for trip.

This masks is made to present the most efficient snorkeling revel in with as little bother as imaginable.

Tribord Easybreath

What We Love:

  • More than a few sizes for the easiest are compatible
  • Shatterproof lens
  • Lengthy snorkel

The Tribord Easybreath is available in many alternative sizes, making sure that the person the use of the masks gets the easiest, leak-free are compatible. Ensure to take a look at the sizing chart to seek out the scale that’s right for you.

This masks includes a shatter-proof 180-degree lens, offering an uninterrupted view of the sea under. The snorkel in this masks is longer than others, permitting customers to seem additional and spot extra with out interrupting their respiring.

HEAD Sea Vu Dry

What We Love:

  • Formally protection examined
  • Wave guards
  • Simple-to-use purge valve

This masks was once formally protection examined, making it a excellent choice when you’ve got issues associated with masks use.

The Sea Vu has consistent air go with the flow movement which is helping with respiring and helps to keep the lens transparent of fog. The dry snorkel additionally options wave guards to additional stay water out of the masks, and has a purge valve at the chin to get experience of the rest that does get within the masks.

The skirt is constituted of prime quality silicon, making a at ease and company seal round your face to stop leaks.

Seaview 180 V2

What We Love:

  • Formally protection examined
  • Flowtech complicated air consumption gadget
  • Anti-fog lens

This masks has been examined protected and includes a separate respiring chamber, in addition to 4 consumption valves to just remember to’re at all times respiring recent air.

This Flowtech complicated air consumption gadget supplies a 50% more straightforward respiring revel in in comparison to different complete face mask. The 180-degree lens doesn’t fog up because of a method valves and dependable airflow.

Seaview 180 GoPro Appropriate

What We Love:

  • GoPro Mount
  • Heavy responsibility silicon skirt
  • Nylon straps

In case you’re having a look to take pictures whilst snorkeling, that is the masks for you. No longer simplest is it prime quality, but it surely has a integrated GoPro mount for putting in place your digicam.

This masks supplies a very simple respiring revel in, and is excellent for each freshmen and complicated snorkelers alike. The purge valve on the chin means that you can simply do away with any water that can have slipped into the masks, however don’t be too fascinated about that since the silicon skirt helps to keep you dry.

The straps are constituted of nylon, making a at ease revel in as an alternative of inexpensive straps pulling at your hair.

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Vista Vue

What We Love:

  • Enhanced respiring revel in
  • Additional huge snorkel tube
  • Fog-free lens

This masks provides an unprecedented respiring revel in. No longer simplest does air go away during the peak of the snorkel, however there are two valves above your ear to let the air out as smartly. This helps to keep the person from respiring previous air and makes respiring more straightforward general.

The snorkel on this masks additionally has an additional huge tube with a multi-purge valve, a great deal expanding airflow as smartly. There’s a fog-free 180-degree lens that provides a super viewing revel in, all with out being worried about respiring.

Bonus: Different Very important Snorkel Equipment

In case you’re searching for extra tools to fortify your snorkeling revel in, listed here are some ideas.


Fins are a super piece of snorkeling tools that can help you trip during the water briefly and cut back fatigue. But even so their advantages, fins a great deal range in taste and dimension.

We actually like this pair from Cressi.

Snorkel Vest

A snorkel vest is a useful gizmo for freshmen to lend a hand with buoyancy and flotation. It’s additionally a excellent piece of kit for folks making plans on snorkeling for a very long time because it helps to keep you from having to tread water and getting drained out.

Antifog Spray

Antifog spray is a useful gizmo to regard masks lenses prior to getting within the water. Even though you dive deep or revel in nice variation in temperature, your masks will have to keep fog unfastened.

Dry Bag

It’s sensible to take a dry bag with you on any water journey, snorkeling now not excluded. A dry bag seals to stay the entirety inside of dry, regardless of how rainy your setting are. I by no means move out at the water with out the sort of! In case you’re searching for data on how to make a choice the highest dry bag, take a look at our complete evaluate.

snorkeling with full face mask

What’s a Complete Face Snorkel Masks?

A complete face snorkel masks is a work of kit used for optimized underwater viewing. Like standard snorkeling tools, it means that you can breathe whilst floating at the floor of water. The variation is that it provides a extra herbal revel in.

Those mask quilt all your face, with the highest portion used for viewing and the ground part for respiring. The snorkel is constructed into the masks, permitting customers to respire and not using a mouthpiece.

Complete face mask are rising in reputation with regards to snorkeling as they provide a extra at ease revel in with a much broader vary of imaginative and prescient. The huge masks wraps round, giving snorkelers 180 levels of imaginative and prescient as opposed to simply having the ability to see what’s in entrance of you.

A commonplace false impression with complete face mask is that you’ll be able to breathe underwater if you happen to’re the use of one. Sadly, this isn’t the case. Like conventional snorkeling tools, you’ll be able to simplest breathe when floating at the floor of the water. While you submerge utterly, air gained’t be capable of come during the snorkel anymore.

Maximum complete face mask characteristic a dry peak snorkel that seals when it’s submerged, and reopens as soon as the snorkel resurfaces. This successfully helps to keep water out of the masks.

Complete Face Snorkel Masks vs Conventional Snorkel Masks

There are a couple of major variations with regards to complete face mask and conventional snorkeling mask.


The principle distinction between complete face mask and conventional mask is the diploma of protection. As discussed above (and transparent from the identify), complete face mask quilt all the face from peak to backside, whilst standard mask simplest quilt the eyes and nostril.


The principle good thing about having a complete face masks is having the ability to breathe from your nostril and mouth as you can naturally, as opposed to simplest via your mouth with a conventional snorkel.

You additionally don’t have to fret about protecting a mouthpiece in place because of the snorkel being constructed into the masks, making it extra at ease to make use of and getting rid of jaw fatigue.

Box of Imaginative and prescient

Complete face mask characteristic a wrap round design giving customers a better visual field than they’d have whilst the use of a conventional masks. Complete face mask now not simplest wrap round all your visual field, however they lengthen previous the nostril, developing an enormous lens and optimized visuals for customers.

Additional Seal

Like conventional mask, complete face mask come entire with a silicon skirt that creates a seal towards your face to stay water out. As a result of this masks covers all your face, it strikes much less and creates a better seal, making it much less at risk of leakage than conventional mask.

Ensure to make a choice the proper dimension on your face when buying to verify the skirt creates a real watertight seal.


Some of the greatest court cases with conventional snorkel mask is they fog up. Whilst it’s just about unimaginable to completely get rid of foggy mask, that is significantly lowered when the use of a complete face mask.

In case you’re interested by studying extra about conventional mask and different apparatus, take a look at our complete snorkeling tools evaluate.

snorkel masks

Execs and Cons of a Complete Face Snorkel Masks

There are no doubt benefits and disadvantages to buying and the use of a complete face snorkel masks.

Listed below are some execs and cons to lend a hand making a decision if that is the most efficient piece of kit on your aquatic adventures.


  • Complete face mask are nice for freshmen. It typically takes a while to get used to respiring with a standard snorkel, however with a complete face masks you’ll be able to breathe continuously.
  • No jaw fatigue! The worst section about the use of a conventional snorkel for an extended time frame is that your jaw will get drained from keeping it to your mouth. With a complete face masks, there’s no mouthpiece, and thus no jaw fatigue. Those mask are nice for longer tours, particularly in case your jaw has a tendency to disturbing up simply.
  • Complete face mask give a wide range of view. As a result of those mask quilt all your face, they provide you with an entire 180-degree view with none obstruction.
  • They’re much less at risk of fogging. There’s not anything worse than getting within the water and having your masks fog up. On the other hand, complete face mask repair this for probably the most section as they don’t fog up because of the original respiring mechanism and air go with the flow valves.


  • They’re bulkier than conventional snorkel tools. Those mask are significantly greater and soak up more room than a person masks with separate snorkel. This makes them much less sensible to pack for journeys.
  • You gained’t be capable of dive deep. Whilst with standard snorkel tools you’ll be able to take a dive and your snorkel valve will shut (with a dry-top), this isn’t imaginable with a complete face masks. Diving deep will create lots of force within the masks that you simply gained’t be capable of equalize with out get right of entry to for your nostril. So if you happen to love to often dive under the skin for a better have a look at what’s under, a complete face masks isn’t beneficial.
  • You could have some problem respiring. It’s been reported that some customers have had problem respiring whilst dressed in a complete face masks, particularly when exercising intensely. Some folks have discovered it arduous to get sufficient oxygen to stay them at ease whilst their faces are within the water. A big a part of that is that previous air has a difficult time leaving the masks, forcing you to respire this in as an alternative of unpolluted air. That being mentioned, some mask have higher air movement than others.

What to Search for in a Complete Face Snorkel Masks

Listed below are the qualities you will have to search for when weighing other complete face masks choices.


Search for a complete face masks that has an anti-fog lens. These kinds of nifty devices do, however some are extra at risk of fog than others. A foggy lens can wreck a snorkel revel in, so it’s essential to seek out the clearest lens imaginable!

Box of View

When purchasing a complete face masks, search for ones that provide an entire 180-degree view. The most productive mask may have the lens extending previous the aspect of your eyes, with the body as a ways to the aspect of your head as imaginable. This may permit you an unobstructed view of the arena under.


You’re going to desire a masks with a silicon skirt to stay it sealed tightly round your face. A decent-fitting skirt is essential to protecting water out and imaginative and prescient transparent.

Less expensive mask characteristic plastic or rubber skirts, but it surely’s completely recommended to spring for one manufactured from 100% silicon. Skirts constituted of different subject material aren’t as at ease, don’t create as tight of a seal, and are extra at risk of tears or rips.

Straps and Buckles

When weighing other mask, check out the straps and buckling mechanisms.

It’s highest to get a masks with thicker straps which gained’t lose their shape and stretch out as simply as thinner straps. Wider straps additionally have a tendency to be extra at ease, so that you’re much less prone to have to regulate them whilst within the water.

Relating to a buckle, it’s recommended to seek out one who has a push free up button so that you could get out and in of your masks briefly and simply.

Wave Guard

You completely wish to acquire a complete face masks with a wave guard on peak of the snorkel. This may stay the snorkel unfastened from water when a wave comes. Nearly all complete face snorkel mask characteristic a dry-top snorkel, however glance additional carefully for ones with wave guards.

Dry-Most sensible Snorkel

As discussed above, nearly all complete face mask characteristic a dry-top snorkel; alternatively, this isn’t essentially a ensure.

When buying a masks (particularly ones which can be inexpensive), double test that this mechanism is in position. Differently you’ll have a not up to very best snorkeling revel in as you’ll finally end up swallowing a whole lot of salt water!

snorkeling with full face mask

Select the Very best Complete Face Snorkel Masks for You

Opting for a masks that’s best for you is crucial a part of buying this piece of kit! Right here are a few things to bear in mind.


Crucial issue with regards to opting for a complete face masks is buying the proper dimension. It’s uncommon to discover a complete face masks that is available in one dimension as a result of if the masks is simply too huge it is going to leak, and if it’s too small it is going to be uncomfortable and hinder your view.

In case you’re now not positive which dimension to buy, I like to recommend taking a snappy measure of your face after which consulting the masks’s sizing chart. This will have to mean you can resolve the right kind dimension, and give you a pleasing snorkeling revel in.


If airflow is a chief worry with a complete face masks, I’d opt for a masks with higher air go with the flow valves and complicated generation to stay the air inside of your masks recent and breathable.

Mask like Seaview V2 and Vista Vue be offering the most efficient respiring revel in.

Imaginative and prescient

In case you put on glasses, you will have to search for a masks that has the choice so as to add a prescription lens. This permits you to revel in all that the underwater international has to provide with out sacrificing transparent imaginative and prescient.

The usage of Your Complete Face Masks For the First Time

Whilst you obtain your masks, take a look at it on and alter it for your face to verify there’s a watertight seal.

Additionally be sure that your masks suits as it should be in the correct puts. The skirt will have to be at ease round your lips and nostril, and shouldn’t come too just about your eyes.

As soon as you realize that your masks suits correctly, you will have to deal with it prior to the use of it in water. This may save you it from fogging up, even though the lens is fog-proof. Use heat soapy water and a comfortable material to clean the masks blank of any leftover residue from production. No longer simplest will have to you get the lens and body, however wash the skirt as smartly.

Word: Watch out with what subject material you employ to scrub the lens as complete face lenses are at risk of scratching.

For added remedy, you’ll be able to additionally use toothpaste! This will have to make sure that your masks doesn’t fog while you use it within the water.

After you are compatible and deal with your masks, I like to recommend hopping in a pool to observe respiring and be sure that the entirety is at ease so that you could get used to it prior to atmosphere off for your snorkeling journey.

Taking care of Your Complete Face Masks

Regardless of the masks you select, it’s essential to take care of it correctly if you happen to’d love it to final for a very long time.

The principle factor to do is to scrub it after each use. Certain, this can be a ache, particularly if you happen to use your masks often, however it is going to make sure that the masks has an extended lifespan.

It’s much more essential to scrub your masks if you happen to put on sunscreen with it. Sunscreen and silicon aren’t precisely a fit made in heaven, and if sunscreen is left at the skirt for too lengthy, it is going to wreck it.

When cleansing the masks, use a material designed particularly for lenses to stay it scratch-free. If you’ll be able to’t in finding this type of material, you’ll be able to use cotton which will have to paintings simply as smartly.

You will have to additionally watch out the place you set the masks and take a look at to stay its lens up every time imaginable. A large tip is to stay it clear of sand! Those mask are fragile, so make sure to deal with it with care.

When packing or touring together with your masks, at all times stay it within the wearing case it got here with to steer clear of the lens getting scratched. In case you don’t have a wearing case, wrap it in a t-shirt or pillow case.

Now you realize all there’s to complete face snorkel mask. All the time have in mind to apply the “good friend rule” and snorkel with a chum.

Revel in your water journey—the sea is looking!

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